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Work is fun. This belief is reflected in RAINBOW in the informal and fun working environment, independence given to people to take initiatives, encouragement for free thinking, flat structure, training opportunities, career opportunities etc.


Respect for colleagues is practiced in its true spirits. People can voice their concerns directly to the top management and walk-in to senior managers with their issues. There are formal channels for escalation and employees can mail directly to their department heads with utmost confidentiality. Rainbow ensures a work environment, which facilitates innovation and creativity. Utmost care is taken to provide a healthy and comfortable work place. Rainbow Paints Industries also appreciates and encourages the talents of its employees in areas such as arts, photography, writing, sports and social service to name a few.



Q.  How can I apply to work at Rainbow Paints?

The best way to apply is through the Careers section of this website. Sometimes we may also advertise positions in newspapers or on other recruitment websites. We urge you to fill out our career form on our website and alternatively you can also apply at different online jobs searching website where we post an ad when we are hiring.


Q. I applied for a job at Rainbow Paints but never got a call. Did you get my C.V.?

If you used our official form on our website, then we would have received your C.V. but if you had not followed the instruction on the job ad than there might have a chance that your C.V. never reached our offices. If that is the case than we are extremely sorry and we urge our candidates to carefully follow the job instruction and use only the prescribed way to apply such as our Career Form.


Q.  What if I don’t have a resume?

No worries! If you don’t have a resume, you have an opportunity to enter all of your information in our Career Form.


Q.  What happens after I apply to a position?

The Rainbow Paints HR Department will be notified that you’re interested in the opportunity. If your experience and qualifications are a good match for the position, you may be contacted by the HR department. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue reviewing our complete list of job openings and apply to positions you feel best fit your experience and qualifications.


Q.  After reviewing all of this information, I still have questions. What should I do?

If you still have questions, please contact us at



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