Rainbow Coaltar Epoxy Black






Rainbow coalter epoxy is based epoxy paint for steel concrete structure. This is specially formulated for coastal areas. This can be used on surface in contact with sea or fresh water. This is a 2 pack products.

Composition: Special Coaltar, epoxy resin and polyamide hardener. Mixing Ratio: Paint 3 Volume Hardener 1 Volume
Covering: 5 Sq meter/liter/coat Film thickness: 25-30 micron
Application: Airless spray, Brush, Ruler Post life after mixing: 4 Hours
Thinner: Epoxy thinner 890

Dry time:
1. Surface dry 2 hours
2. Recoatable 16 hours

Finish: Eggshell Flash point: 73oF
Colour: Black Shelf Life: 6 Months if Kept in sealed container at room temperature.


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