Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)



Empowerment of Youth

Rainbow Paints strongly believe in the empowerment of the youth. The future of a nation depends on its youth; they have to be carefully guided. Rainbow Paints via it various campaigns and drive supports the youth.

In some of our recent events in which we collaborated with an NGO to conduct a Painting Competition across 100 schools of Karachi. The theme behind this event was to focus on the positive things in Pakistan.

We provided them with a platform and asked them to paint on “Colours Of Pakistan- What I Love About Pakistan”. Students of grade6 innocently made a lasting impression through their magnificent and inspirational ideas. We featured the top paintings from these 100 schools in Frere Hall Karachi, where a live competition took place.

For the future we have plans to set up “I Love Pakistan” Campaign. This event will be used to facilitate students along with a professional team of painters and NGOs to paint clean various wall of Karachi with positive messages about peace, love, education and equality. Currently this plan is on hold because of the law and order situation of Karachi.

Green Up Campaign

One of our highly prestigious and ambitious campaigns is our “Green Up Campaign”. Our “Lets Clean Up & Green Up” is the crown jewel and heart of this drive. Through this campaign we educate painters and consumers alike to you environmental friendly paints such as our Rainbow Emulsion series of paint.

Apart from the painting aspect, we have plans to place dustbins in public places through Pakistan.

Environmental Friendly & Lead Free Paint

Rainbow Paints takes pride in supporting the international regulation promoting and enforcing paint manufacturer to make environmental friendly paints. We encourage our consumers and educate them regarding the necessity of such types of paints. Our entire decorative paints range (such as Water-based emulsions and Solvent Based Enamels) are completely free from any kind of lead content, which is a first for any brand for Pakistan.

Beautification of Pakistan

Rainbow has supported various beautifications of sites in Karachi and is planning to move its drive throughout Pakistan. In collaboration with the City Government, Rainbow has sponsored and painted various areas free of cost or at marginal cost for the beautification of the country.

A Rainbow in Dark Cloud: (Special School)

Rainbow Paints has always been forefront in supporting the underprivileged of our society. Students of the institution took part in our, “Colours Of Pakistan” contest, where they illustrated their amazing ideas about the positive aspects of Pakistan.


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