Mission Statement


Vision statement

Rainbow Paints aims to be the leader in providing quality and economical industrial and decorative paints. It is also our aim to become one of the top coatings companies world-wide by leveraging our expertise in the higher growth emerging markets. Simultaneously, our company intends to construct a long term importance in the Industrial coatings segment through alliances with established worldwide partners.

Mission statement

To be one of the leading paint companies by providing consumers with the highest quality product at best prices while upholding sound ethical values.

Core Values


We promote innovation by continually adopting newer technologies and challenging the business environment to generate new ideas for products and services to meet customer demand and satisfaction.


We aim to create, maintain, and improve an environment for our employees which values working collaboratively in a peaceful, unified, safe, and productive workplace that propels them toward excellence.


We aim to promote a strong moral and upright culture in order to develop trust with all of our stakeholders by doing what is right and sustainable in all of our work and businesses.


We promote entrepreneurial thinking to develop newer and better ideas that have a long-term effect and sustainability to help recognize opportunities, ensure flexibility, creativity, and self-reliance.


We strive to satisfy and surpass customer expectations by constantly improving our policies, products, and people to build loyalty with our customers.


We strive to follow and incorporate sharia compliance into our business policies, products, and services under the guidance of renowned Islamic Ulemas.




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