Rainbow Colour Advisory Service



Free Colour Advisory Service

Rainbow Paint Industries has launched a colour advisory service to facilitate its customers. It is the policy at Rainbow Paints to provide its customers a total solutions rather than just products. So to fulfil its customer satisfaction the company provides a Colour Advisory Service, which is Free of charge.


This Colour advisory service enables our customers to seek the advice of trained professionals who can advise on appropriate colour schemes & types of paints for different environments. This personalized service provides an effective support system for a wide range of products that are suitable for all kinds of surfaces. It will help you decide on the right kind of paint to use, the exact quantity of paint to purchase, along with a suitable colour scheme- to save your time & money.


Free Colour Preview Services

Rainbow Paint Industries following its policy of customer satisfaction has a magnificent computerized colour preview service, which provides you, your choice of colours. The company provides free computer generated images so customers can see their selected shades on their actual home pictures before purchase. They can comprehensively visualize numerous colour schemes of their choice on computer screen and then choose the best. This personalized service is available in all the major cities of Pakistan. This facility has been started to help the owners to make the right combination in painting their homes, so their money and time is utilized in the best possible.





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