Q.  Is there an order to painting a room?

Generally when painting a room it is advisable to start at the top of the room and work down. The following is a typical sequence:

  1. Ceiling – Apply two full coats.
  2. Walls – Apply two full coats of your chosen Paint (e.g. Rainbow Matt Finish), working away from natural light.

Doors and skirting boards – Start with the windows to give them a full day to dry before closing them in the evening.  Next paint the door & doorframe followed by the skirting.


Q. From where can I buy the selected paint?

Please use our inquiry page to locate our dealer nearest to you. Please note that we have presence all over Pakistan and are also currently exporting to wide variety of countries.


Q. What are the “Rainbow Discovery Shades®” and how are they special?

The “Discovery shades®” are special quality shades that our R&D team have created in water based emulsion paint. These are economical adaptation of the shades from our oil based “silky smooth®” series. Do not confuse them with the regular water emulsion paint! ; They have a special price tag because they are more expensive to produce then the regular emulsion colours.

Rainbow Paints was the first brand to introduce these shades in Pakistan; moreover we also have the largest collection of these special shades in Pakistan. This ground breaking product has made Rainbow Paints in one of the pioneer in the paint industry.


Q. Can I visualize how my home look would when I actually apply the selected shade of the selected brand of paint?

Yes, you can certainly do that, just click on "Rainbow Colour Visualizer" on our webpage. Or you could alternatively consult our “Rainbow Colour Advisory Service” to create dynamic and vibrant theme for your home, office and other painting needs.


Q. How to choose the right colour for my home?

A great way to begin is to see different combinations of paint colours of your choice.

When choosing interior colour schemes you will need to take into account all aspects of your current and future decorating styles. From the flooring materials to your furnishings all colours and textures will affect the possible choices and the final outcome of your interior design.

You can check our “Rainbow Colour Guide” on the “Painting Guide” section of our website.


Q. How to choose the right type of paint for the right area?

For walls & ceilings, water based paints called Emulsions (usually referred to as Plastic Paints by painters) are recommended. You can choose the type of paint depending on the final finish (matt, mid-sheen, high sheen) and other functional benefits ( wash ability, fungus resistance, high reflectance )desired.
For metal surfaces, solvent based paints called enamels (usually referred to as gloss) are recommended. Within enamels, there are choice of paints with varying sheen level & functional benefits.

For wood surfaces, you have a choice of ‘transparent’ finish and ‘opaque finish’. The former is recommended, if you are keen on retaining the natural look of wood.


Q. When is it a good time to paint?

For exteriors the good time to paint is when the weather is pleasant, without risk of high humidity and rain on the horizon. It is best to avoid painting, in extreme temperatures & humid conditions.

For interiors, although there are no such restrictions – an ambient temperature in-home and outside is preferable. It is best to have some ventilation during and immediately after painting in order to dissipate fumes and it also helps with drying.


Q. Use of brush versus roller / how can I get a texture finish on my walls?

Follow the instructions given by the at the back of the paint bucket.

For water based paint application on walls & ceilings: Usually, brush application is done followed by roller for a smooth and even finish.

For solvent based paints being applied on metal & wood surfaces, brush or spray application is done as recommended by the manufacturer.

For pattern finishes, special rollers need to be used for specific effect, as recommended by the manufacturer, these special rollers are readily available in the market- you can ask any paint dealer to show you various texture design.


Q. What is “Lead Free” and “Low VOC” paints?

Lead paint or lead-based paint is paint containing lead, as pigment, with lead(II) chromate (PbCrO4, "chrome yellow") and lead(II) carbonate (PbCO3, "white lead") being the most common. Lead is added to paint to speed up drying, increase durability, maintain a fresh appearance, and resist moisture that causes corrosion. It is one of the main health and environmental hazards associated with paint.

Lead Free paints are the paints which do not use any lead additive and thus are environment and health friendly. VOC on the other hand is the Volatile Organic Compounds Content given out by the paint, which can cause health problem because of excessive contact.


Q. Are Rainbow paints product “Lead Free” and do they have “Low VOC”?

Yes, Rainbow Paints strive hard to develop new formulations and uses the most pure and refined materials to create various types of paints that are “Lead Free” and have “Low VOC content”. We are an environment friendly brand and have developed a “Green Up Campaign” to create awareness amongst consumers and painters over entire Pakistan to urge them not to use Lead based paint which are offered a cheaper price then what we offer since they are extremely harmful for your health and are equally dangerous for the environment. We use Organic Pigments as substitute for lead amongst various other chemicals to produce high quality paints as per the standards worldwide and most importantly offer them at the most competitive prices in accordance with our Quality Policy.


Q. I need help in calculating the right paint quantity for my home / office?

It is an excellent question. There are lots of aspects involved, but for the majority interior and exterior tasks, simply calculate the square footage of the surfaces to be painted and divide by the number of square feet that the manufacturer indicates can be covered by a gallon of your selected paint. For that first you would have to decide the areas to be painted and the type of paint to be used and equally important is the fact that whether it is a freshly painted surface or a mere repainting of a wall. These numerous factors decide how much coats are required. We advised that you read our “How to Paint” guide for a detailed guide.

You can contact our “Rainbow Colour Advisory Service” to guide you in calculating the right quantity of paint for you or you can also use our “Paint Calculator” listed on our website..


Q. What are the “Rainbow Miracle Shades®” and how are they special?

The “Miracle shades®” are special selection of shades that are listed on our product “Rainbow Matt Finish”. They are Dark shades which are enamel based, oil based colours, and have high egg shell finish along with a higher percentage of was ability but are priced same as the regular soft tones/ shades of Matt finish.


Q. Is it always necessary to apply two/three coats of interior/exterior paint?

If you are painting a NEW Wall or a surface where all of the previous coating has been removed/ scraped off/ pealed off, you should first apply a coat of “Rainbow Perfecton Wall Primer Sealer” followed by two coats of the desired paint (e.g. Rainbow Silky Smooth Emulsion). However, if the surface was previously painted and that old paint is still sound, a single coat of a quality paint will probably suffice but this is depended on the shade of the previously paint so therefore it is recommended to consult the expert here at Rainbow Colour Advisory Service or your hired painter.


Q. I have numerous Painting Problems (e.g. like shade variation), what should I do?

Various painting problems may arise due to various misconceptions or improper application of paint or due to the fact that the wrong type of paint has been applied to a surface. We recommend that you visit our “How to Paint” section for details on those problems and their possible solution.


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