Quality Policy



Rainbow Paints Quality Policy (RPQP):

Rainbow Paints will continuously manufacture and deliver high quality Paint at economical cost.

Rainbow Paints is committed to work within its Customers to have a trust upon the Organization in terms of Quality and have a better reputation in the market. For this purpose, Rainbow Paints will continually improve its Management System through provide training to its employees and achieve the satisfaction of Customer.

We have come a long way by strictly adhering to our policies and now have become pioneers in the Pakistan paint market by introducing various revolutionary and groundbreaking products which has provided us edge over our competitors in terms of both quality and economy. We were the first manufacturer in Pakistan to launch and formulate “Semi Plastic Emulsion” which brought high quality paint to masses at cost-effective, reasonably priced package with a wide variety of shades. This product transformed the paint market and broke the traditional “White-Off White tone” and provided consumers with choice of a wide variety of shade.

We have laboratory and R&D facilities at our manufacturing plant and are fully equipped with modern equipment- To provide the best quality paint at the best price, scientific instruments and experienced qualified professionals to constantly maintain shades for quality standard, keeping in view the weather and environment atmosphere for better results and long life stability of the paint.

Rainbow Paint industries has now gain a remarkable position amongst the other leading paint industries and our products run the full spectrum of diversity for protective, decorative and industrial use. The industries is striving to keep itself in the forefront by developing new paints and resins technology to meet any challenging requirement.
We further assure to keep up the better advancement in our products for your best interest and maintain the economical standard quality.


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