Rainbow Sealer for Sanding



Rainbow Sanding Sealer

Rainbow sanding sealer is a high build semi gloss transparent lacquer. This is formulated to the stains, filling & fine wooden pores.

Application Guide

This is generally applied before the finishing coat of Rainbow Nitrocellulose Lacquer. Application is preferably suggest by brush. Well into grains. Remove the surplus material by rubbing across the grains with coarse fabric.


Composition: Based on selected pigments and binders which enhances the filling properties.

Covering:  Approx 12-14 Sq meter / Liter


Dry Time:

1. Surface dry 5-10 Minutes
2. Hardener dry 30 Minutes

Finish: Semi Gloss

Shelf Life: 12 Months if kept in sealed container at normal room temperature Packing: 0.91 &3.64 Liters


Note: The above Information is given in good faith, but without any Warranty. 



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