Rainbow Fluorescent Paint



Rainbow Paint is Lead FreeRainbow Fluorescent Paint is a premium quality product which can create a wide range of exciting special effects finishes using ultraviolet light or in combination with other Rainbow fluorescent paint colours to make the colors more vibrant. It is available in 5 eye-catching brighter than normal colours which "glow" under ultraviolet light. It is suitable for use on most surfaces after the surface has been properly prepared.

Rainbow Fluorescent Paint is an environmental friendly product which is completely free from harmful chemicals such as lead and mercury.

Recommended Uses:

Recommended for interior surfaces of all kind of concrete, wooden surfaces such as restaurants, hotels, schools, lounges, bedrooms, hallways and as feature wall designs etc.

Product Features:

  • Bright & vibrant colours that glow under UV light.
  • Highly washable with long lasting colours.
  • Classy velvety finish.
  • Non-toxic, free from formaldehyde, Nickel, Lead & Mercury etc.
  • Environment Friendly and low VOC.

Application Guide 

New Concrete Surface

New plaster must be completely clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. Sand down the plaster with Emery stone or emery paper and apply one coat of Rainbow Water Based Primer. Prepare the surface by applying 2 coats of Rainbow Wall Putty. Then use Rainbow Water Based Primer as a base coat followed by 2 coats of Rainbow Fluorescent Paint. Use a white base coat to achieve the most dramatic color effects.

Old Painted Surfaces

Remove all dust, dirt and loose adhering or flaked paints by scarping with scraper (wall) or Emery Paper (for wooden surface). After scarping apply one coat of Rainbow Water Based Primer. Then apply second coat of Sealer which is followed by the Filling. After the putty is completely dry, sand down the surface. Then use Rainbow Water Based Primer as a base coat followed by 2 coats of Rainbow Fluorescent Paint.


Note: The above Information is given in good faith, but without any Warranty.


Composition:  Number of Coats:
Based on pure acrylic emulsion with water proofing durable properties. 2 Coats on Prepared Surface.
Covering Capacity: Drying Time: 
10 – 13 Sq.Meter/Liter/Coat

Touch: 30-45 mins | Recoatable: 1-3 Hours

(Under Normal Condition)

Film Maturity Time: Volume Solid:
3 to 7 days recommended 40 – 45 % Depending on Colour.
Gloss: Thinner:
Flat / Matt. Water
Thinner Ratio: Application:

They can be diluted with water; however this will reduce the hiding power of the paint and may reduce the brightness of the "glow."

Brush / Roller / Spray
Colour: Packing:
Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange and Red 0.45, 0.91 and 3.56 Liters
Shelf Life: Cleaning:
Minimum shelf life for unopened, sealed paint is approximately 24 months when stored in a temperature controlled location. (Wash brush & other utensils with water)

Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange and Red.


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