Rainbow Mirage Marble Finish Paint



Rainbow Paint is Lead FreeRainbow Mirage® Marble Finish Paint is a premium quality fashionable decorative coating made from natural mineral materials. The product may be applied by trowel and scrapper in thin layers.After drying, scrub with scrapper blade to create polished, two-tone appearance of marble surface. This paint has distinctive marble, granite and wallpaper effect that turns ordinary walls into extraordinary and luxurious work of art, with non yellowing properties.

Rainbow Mirage Marble Finish Paint is an environmental friendly product which is completely free from harmful chemicals such as lead and mercury etc.

Recommended Uses:

Create high-class fashionable and elegant decorative finishes on interior & exterior plaster, masonry, wood and gypsum surfaces etc. It can be used in houses, restaurants, offices, hotels etc.

Product Features:

  • Elegant natural mineral material – Marble Effect Finish.
  • Excellent adhesion qualities, tough, durable, flexible and weathering resistance.
  • Low odour, low VOC and long lasting UV protected colours.
  • Washable, non-flammable, low dirt pickup with bacteria resistance.
  • Environmental Friendly (free from formaldehyde, Nickel, Lead & Mercury etc.)
  • Glossy smooth finish.

Application Guide 

Surface Preparation

New plaster must be completely clean, dry and free from dirt and grease. Growths of fungus, algae or mass should be removed by wire brushing and water. In case of area having excessive dampness use Rainbow Acrylic water based Primer to block further dampness. For filling cracks upto 3mm use Rainbow Superflex Wall Putty to seal cracks.

Steps to Be Followed

Rainbow Mirage Marble Finish Paint can be applied over prepared substrate with trowel/ scrapper.
1. Apply the first coat of Rainbow Mirage Marble Finish in such a way so that the surface is perfectly smooth. Allow it to dry for 20-30 Mins.
2. Apply a very fine layer of the product. Allow 50 mins to dry. (2nd coat)
3. Apply a thin layer of the paint randomly in different directions. (3rd coat)
4. Smoothen the surface with the edge of the trowel/scrapper blade.
If necessary repeat step#2 for additional coat.

This product has been specially formulated such that it is easy to apply, allow the tool to move smoothly without much effort, retaining the pattern left by the tool. Depending on the amount and time of buffing it is possible to obtain eggshell to glossy finish.


- Let plaster cure at least 21 days before painting.
- Remove any loose & flaking paint back to a sound substrate and a firm edge by scraping & sanding.

Note: The above Information is given in good faith, but without any Warranty.


Composition:  Number of Coats:
Based on modified with non-yellowing pure acrylic binder, titanium dioxide and extender pigments. 3 – 4 Coats on Prepared Surface.
Covering Capacity: Drying Time: 
10-15 Sq.ft/Liter/Coat 20-30 Mins | Recoatable: 50-60 Mins
(Depending upon application) (Under Normal Condition)
Shelf Life: Thinner / Cleaning:
Minimum shelf life for unopened, sealed paint is approximately 18 months when stored in a temperature controlled location. Wash brush & other utensils with water
Thinner Ratio: Application:

Not Recommended, ready to use.

Trowel & Scraper (recommended / for painting & designing).
Colour: Packing:
Assorted colours as per shade card. 5 kg and 20 Kg
Curing/ Hardness:  
7 days (approx)  

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