Rainbow Matt Finish Enamel


Rainbow Matt EnamelRainbow Matt Finish Enamel is a high quality paint made from light fast and superior quality pigments to use on walls, ceiling, old and new plasters, wood work, metal, chipboard and hard board. This tough and long lasting paint is specially recommended for Kitchen, Bathroom, Corridors, Staircase and Walls etc. Its flat finish gives a hard wearing and non-glaring effect this paint has better stain resistant properties and has good wash ability. It is formulated to give an adrasion resistance paint film which is much more washable and stain resistance than all kind of Plastic Emulsion with silky look. It has a non-glaring look which enables to hide the surface defects as in Plastic Emulsion.


Application Guide
New Concrete Surface

Matt Rainbow PictureSand down the plaster with Emery stone and apply one coat of Rainbow Perfection Wall Primer Sealer. Then Prepare the surface by applying 2 coats of Rainbow Wall Putty prepared with Rainbow Perfection Wall Primer Sealer. As new plastered surfaces are highly alkaline a coat of Rainbow Perfection Wall Primer Sealer is recommended for better alkali resistance. Then apply 2 to 3 coats of Rainbow Matt Finish Enamel Paint

All surfaces must be free from dust and dirt. The plaster should be well cured and all dried for at least six weeks before painting. Removing any efflorescence if any with stiff scrubbing brush. DO NOT USE WIRE BRUSH. The surface is then prepared in order to remove any plaster nibs. Apply a coat of Rainbow Perfection Wall Primer Sealer after thinning to application viscosity. Allow to dry over night. For interior filling of surface can e done by using wall putty.


Remove oil, grease dirt and dust etc. Prepare the surface using send paper any rust and mill scale should be completely remove by wire brushing.

Timber : Hardboard, Softboard, Chipboards

Apply 2 coats of Rainbow Perfecton Wall Primer Sealer. Then apply Rainbow Matt Finish Enamel.

Old Painted Surface

Matt Rainbow Picture

Remove all dust, Dirt and loose adhering or flaked paints by scarping. After scarping apply one coat of Rainbow Perfection Wall Primer Sealer, which will help the Sealer to penetrate into the surface. Then apply second coat of Sealer which is followed by the Filling, For which Rainbow Wall Putty can be used. After the surface has been properly prepared apply 2 coats of Rainbow Matt Finish Enamel.

Colour Range: As per Rainbow Matt Finish Enamel Shade Card. Covering Capacity: Rainbow Matt Finish Enamel covers 300-350 sq ft/3.64 Ltrs per coat of 20-25 microns. However covering is depends upon the porosity of the substrate.
Film Tickness: 25-30 micron per coat. Number of Coats: 2 coats gives complete obliteration on prepared surface2 coats gives complete obliteration on prepared surface
Thinner: Mineral Turpentine, The quantity of Thinner depends on the method of application and surface. Flash Point: Above 73˚F
Application: Rainbow Matt Finish Enamel can be applied by Brush, Roller or Spray and can be thinned up to 10-20% depending upon the surface with good quality turpentine oil. Final coat time intervals is 16 hours to 24 hours. Drying Time: Rainbow Matt Finish Enamel surface drys in about 2-3 hours and becomes hard in 24 hours .Its recoating after 16 hour.
Gloss: Egg shell Finish. Packing: 0.91 Ltrs, 3.64 Ltrs and 14.56 Ltrs.


Opal Lilac 542
Lilac 522
Night Magic 528
First Dawn 536
Indigo 531
Off White 502
Rainbow White 516
Ash White 510
Lavender 508
Natural Paprika 543
Kitten White 544
Rose White 505
Peach Goddess 545
Carnival Pink 546
Polish Brown 547
Halo 509
Zypher 517
Purple White 518
Cherry 548
Chilli Red 549
Citrus Yellow 532
Fired Ochre 527
Mango Mood 554
Blue Moon 515
Torres Blue 523
Reflection 550
Glacier Blue 514
Sherbat 551
Green Grapes 552
Cool Blue 553
New Cockle Shell 534
Pale Mushroom 521
Rose Mist 540
Shingle 504
Blossom Pink 533
Pink 503
Puff 538
Cameo 537
Golden Brown 553
Black 530
Opal Lilac 535
Snow Mountain 501
Grapes 506
Paprika 539
Ice Blue 507
Reflection 541
Grey Blue 511
Fresh Pink 529
Tangian Tides 526
Aquamarine 524
Egyptian Blue 525
Lily White 513
Mid White 512
Dove White 520
Iris White 519


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