Rainbow Special Discovery

Rainbow Plastic Emulsion


Rainbow Special Discovery Plastic Emulsion Paints are high value product formulated to paint the new mordern trend of architecture.

Rainbow Paint is Lead Free



 These Products are in the dark shades and are well suited for walls in combination with the Rainbow Plastic Emulsion Soft Shades. Rainbow Paints Industries through its innovative technology, Highly qualified & exprienced staff and immence research have found a new range of shades called 'The Discovery Shades', Which is the economical & premium version of the expensive Dark Shades at affortable prices.

 These Dark Discovery Shades are specially fomulated for masonry work, Bricks and cemet renderings can also be applied on hardboard used for partition which need glamorous look.

Application Guide 

New Concrete Surface

Sand down the plaster with Emery stone or emery paper in case of wooden surface and apply one coat of Rainbow Perfecton Wall Primer Sealer or Rainbow Water Base Primer. Then for a smooth surface Prepare the surface by applying 2 coats of Rainbow Wall Putty prepared with Rainbow Perfecton Wall Primer Sealer or Rainbow Water Base Primer. As new plastered surfaces are highly alkaline a coat of Rainbow Perfecton Wall Primer Sealer is recommended for better alkali resistance. Then apply 2 to 3 coats of Rainbow Special Discovery Plastic Emulsion Paint.

Old Painted Surface

Remove all dust, Dirt and loose adhering or flaked paints by scarping with scraper(wall) or Emery Paper(for wooden substance). After scarping apply one coat of Rainbow Perfecton Wall Primer Sealer or Rainbow Water Base Primer. Then apply secong coat of Sealer which is followed by the Filling, For which Rainbow Wall Putty can be used, So the surface smoothen. After the surface has been properly prepared apply Rainbow Special Dicovery Plastic Emulsion Paint.


Colour Range: As per Rainbow Discovery Shade Card Covering Capacity: Approximately 14-16 sq.m/ltr/coat.
Film Tickness: 25-30 micron per coat. Number of Coats: 2-3 coats
Composition: Based on high quality polyvinyl acetate, acrylate resin combined with light fast pigments and carefully selected extenders. Thinner: Water
Application: The paint can be applied by Brush, Roller and Spray- by thinning with equal volume of water for better adhesion and penetration, first coat should be thinned slightly more than normal. For this type of paint, the use of roller is recommended. Drying Time: Rainbow Special Discovery Plastic Emulsion dries with ½ hours to a smooth finish, Allow to dry ½ hours before recoating under humid condition the drying time could be retarded and hence would require a long time to dry.So we recomend that you Recoat it after 2 hours.
Gloss: Matt with silky finish. Packing: 0.91 Ltrs, 3.64 Ltrs.

Canary Yellow 164
Red Oxide 172
Jade 165
Carnival Pink 175
Velvet 169
Flame Orange 173
Chilli Red 167
Indigo 170
Dream Land 171
Violet Time 166
Sweet Blue 163



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