Rainbow Wall Putty


Rainbow Wall Putty


Rainbow Paint is Lead FreeRainbow Wall Putty is water based ready to use putty for surface preparation. The resin used in the preparation of this putty also helps preventing alkali and efflorescence in the wall.

It is formulated to fill gaps and voids of uneven surfaces with excellent built in bonding properties. Suitable to fill pores, dents and imperfections of wood, concrete and related surfaces. Compatible to water solvent based paints.


Application Guide 

New Surface

Rainbow Wall Putty is ready for use however slight addition of water is recommended for excessive absorbent plasters. Two coats of putty is applied, with a interval of 2-3 hours between coats. Sand down the surface with Emery Paper to a smoothen surface before the finishing paint is applied.

Old Surface

Sand down the whole area with emery paper which will remove all the loose paint film. Dust off and apply the putty in thin layer, 2 coats of putty should be applied for better finish followed by the Rainbow Plastic Emulsion Paint.


Composition: Water diluteable Emulsion with carefully selected pigments & extender to help ease of application and sanding of surface
Covering: Depends on surface and nature of plaster
Film Thickness: Suggested to use normal film thickness while filling (50-60
No of coats: Best result are achieved when two coats are applied
Thinner: Ready to use, Water is used for cleaning utensils.
Dry Time: Can start rubbing after 3-4 hours
Colour: Pale White Color
Packing: 1.25Kg, 5Kgs & 20Kgs




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