Rainbow Weather Guard



Rainbow Weather Guard


Rainbow Weather Guard is a pure acrylic emulsion paint that protects walls against harsh weather. It is durable, washable and provides tough resistance against dirt, fungus and flakingRainbow Paint is Lead Free

It is specially formulated for both tropical climate and climates with heavy rainfall and extreme temperature variations. It is an exterior finish and also prevents the alkalinity of the masonry works. It is an environment friendly paint and is ‘Lead-Free’ with and low VOC.


Application Guide

Weather Rainbow Picture                          New Surface

Sand down the plaster with Emery stone and then remove the salt, Alkali or any efflorence if present by washing with very dilute acid. Then apply a coat of Rainbow Perfecton Wall Primer Sealer or Rainbow Water Base Primer, Followed by 2 coats of Rainbow Weather Guard Acrylic Emulsion.


                                                                   Old Painted SurfaceWeather Rainbow Picture

Remove all dust, Dirt and loose adhering or flaked paints by scarping. Then apply one thin coat of Rainbow Weather Guard Acrylic Emulsion or Rainbow Perfecton Wall Primer Sealer or Rainbow Water Base Primer followed by Rainbow Weather Guard Acrylic Emulsion paint to finish.


Colour Range: As per Rainbow Weather Guard Shade Card. Spreading Rate: Approx 14-18 sq.m/ltr/coat.
Film Tickness: 25-30 micron per coat Number of Coats: 2-3 coats.
Surface PreparationNot much surface preparation is require on exterior surface, however use of Rainbow Perfecton Wall Primer Sealer will further improve the finish of the paint. Flash Point: Above 73˚F
Application: Rainbow Weather Guard can be applied by Brush, Roller or Spray. It is recommended to use this paint when temperature is above 10˚C. Drying Time: Rainbow Weather Guard Emulsion dries with ½ hours to a smooth finish, Allow to dry ½ hours before recoating under humid condition the drying time could be retarded and hence would require a long time to dry. So we recomend that you Recoat it after 2 hours.
Gloss: Matt with velvety finish. Thinner: Water
Packing: 1 Ltrs, 4 Ltrs and 16 Ltrs.  

Off White 1952
Magnolia 1947
Autum Stone 905
Cameo 2685
Terracotta 3148
Almond 906
Sand Stone 1949
Tea Rose 1958
Warm Clay 907
Red Oxide 2910
Sugar Cane 1948
Brick 901
Hopsack 2687
Beige 2087
Chaar Minaar 2683
New Ash White 1920
Portland 2688
Sky Grey 3160
Goose Wing 1959
Charcoal 3147
Jewel 2690
Tradition 2684
Tile Red 2876
Indigo 903
Admiral 2886
Multani Tile 909
Dove Grey 3150
Nato Green 2682
Avocado 2088
Macdonald Green 904
Ash White 1919
Chest Nut 902



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