Rainbow Super Gloss Enamel


Rainbow Super Gloss Enamel


Rainbow Super Gloss Enamel is a top quality synthetic gloss finish. This is based on high quality synthetic resin and high quality light fast pigments. It has good gloss and tough finish.

The product is used for better gloss and sustained finish.


Application Guide 

Gloss Rainbow Picture 1

                       Wood Work

Rainbow Paint is Lead Free

Smoothen the surface by sand paper and apply a coat of Rainbow Undercoat followed by filling. After filling is dry sand paper the surface and apply 2 coats of Rainbow Super Gloss Enamel. In case the oil is coming out from the wood, remove oil by scraping and seal the oily portion by shellac solution prior to final painting.


Steel StructureGloss Rainbow Picture 3

Remove all the rust by sanding, rust removing solution or by flame, and then apply one coat of Rainbow Red Oxide Primer followed by 2 coats of Rainbow Super Gloss Enamel.


Composition: Based on oil modified Alkyd Resin and light fast pigments for better gloss and sustained finish.
Covering Capacity: 16- 18 Sq Meter/ Liter/ Coat.
Film Thickness: 25-35 Micron per coat
Application:  Brush, Roller, Spray
Number of Coats: At least 2 coats should be applied for proper finish and durability
Drying Time: : 1) Surface Dry    1-2 Hours
: 2) Touch Dry      2-3 Hours
: 3) Recoatable     16 Hours
Thinner: Mineral Turpentine should be used for application depending on the Substrate and method of application.
Flash Point: above 73 °F
Gloss: Glossy with silky finish
Colour Range: As per Rainbow Super Gloss Enamel Shade Card
Packing: 0.91, 3.64 and 14.56 Ltrs.


Note: The above Information is given in good faith, but without any Warranty

Mid Off White 402
Off White 401
Light Stone 409
County Cream 402
Cameo 435
Soft Tradition 436
Scarab 434
Golden Brown 416
Beige 405
New Beige 437
Butter Scotch 411
Coriander 408
Yellow 422
Polish Brown 440
New Moon Flower 442
New Early Dawn 447
New Diyar 446
Champagne 439
Red Oxide 413
Dark Brown 417
New Mauve 445
Ash White 426
Pumice 427
New Smoke Grey 444
Signal Red 415
Orange 421
New Comet Blue 448
New Light Blue 443
Bright Blue 441
Fast Green 431
Signal Green 433


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