Rainbow Camouflage Paint





Camouflage paint is especially developed to meet the requirement of camouflage specification and gives excellent light & weather resistance with egg shell finish.

     Application Guide

New surface

Sand down the surface and apply Two coats of Red head primer or other suitable Primer then over paint with two coats of camouflage Paint with interval of 16 hours between coats.

Old Surfaces 

Remove all dust dirt lose material and apply 2 coats of paint with interval of 16 hours for proper dry.



Composition: Based on high quality alkyd and light fast pigments and extenders. Covering Capacity: 300 – 325 Sq Ft. /Gallon.
Film Thickness: 25 – 30 Micron per coat. Application: Brush, Roller, spray 
Number of Coats: 2 Coats Drying Time: 2 – 3 Hours
Thinner: Mineral Turpentine 

Colour Range: as Required 

Gloss: Egg shell with smooth silky finish  

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