Rainbow Exterior Boiler Composition




Rainbow exterior boiler composition is a general purpose coat tar based product for use on the exterior of boiler and their as cerium which come in contact with water up to 98°C.


Covering: 10-12 Sq. Meter / Ltrs. Mixing RationPaint 3 Volume Hardener 1 Volume
No. of Coats2 Coats. Film Tickness: 25-30 Micron per coat.
Composition: Epoxy resin / polyamide. Flash Point: 73oF
Application: Brush & Spray.

Drying Time: S.D 3-4 Hours.

Finish​: Glossy. ThinnerMineral turpentine.
Pack: 3.64 & 14.56 Liters. Colour: Black.
Surface PreparationRemove all base mills scale & rust by mechanical tools or wire brushing.  




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