Rainbow Tennis Court Paint



Rainbow Tennis Court Paint is a premium quality coating that is based on 100% acrylic emulsion. It provides a high-quality non-slip surface coating for sports and recreational areas. Its highly balanced formula using specifically formulated advanced quality acrylic resin and selected reinforced fillers with fungicides delivers an extremely durable adhesion, excellent colour retention, UV resistance, and extraordinary wearing properties.

Recommended Uses:

Designed for use on bitumen and concrete surfaces such as outdoor/indoor tennis courts, basketball courts, jogging paths, play areas, etc. Application is to be done after proper dilution (depending on the application- brush, roller, or spray)with clean drinkable (potable) water.

Product Features:

  • High coverage with good weather-ability
  • Excellent adhesion & ultraviolet resistance
  • High film build & durability
  • Non-slip & good foot grip
  • Fungus & algae-resistant
  • Non-fading & flexible Film
  • Non-toxic, free from formaldehyde, Nickel, Lead & Mercury, etc.
  • Ammonia-free with low VOCs

Application Guide 

Rainbow Tennis Court Paint (RTC) is easily applied with a brush or roller. For better results apply 1st coat with a 1:1 ratio (1 part RTC with 1 part water) and for the other coats, apply thick as compared to 1st one to ensure a greater uniformity of coating thickness.

Surface Preparation (Concrete / Bitumen or Similar Surfaces):

The surface to be applied should be clean and free from any kind of contamination dirt, tar, oil, grease, or bitumen coating also sound & free of fungus, mould & algae must be removed before application. Any existing coating must be inspected and adhesion tests carried out.

To obtain the best result before coating the floor, use a pressure washer or high-pressure nozzle and water hose to wash the floor with a non-filming detergent. Use appropriate and take caution not to inject water into the floor substrate.

Give the floor rinse to ensure it is free of all detergent or anything else that could affect adhesion. Allow the floor to dry completely before application. Using a blower or broom, clear any dust, or dirt that may prevent proper adhesion.

Coating System: 2-3 Coats (Rainbow Tennis Court Paint)

Note: The above Information is given in good faith, but without any Warranty.


Composition: Covering Capacity:
Based on high-quality pure acrylic emulsion combined with durable lightfast pigment and inert extenders 8 – 10 Sq.Meter/Liter/Coat  (Depending on surface and nature of surface)
Film Thickness: Application:
25-35 Micron per coat. Brush, Roller, Spray
Number of Coats: Drying Time:
At least 2 coats should be applied for proper finish and durability 

:1) Surface Dry    1 Hours
:2) Recoatable     2-3 Hours

(Dependent on temperature & humidity)

Colour Range: Thinning Ratio: 
Tropic Green (2-24-7), Horizon Blue (1-34-7), Apache (3-4-7) & as required

The quantity of water to be used for the application depends on the nature of the substrate, the type of surface, and the application method.

Gloss / Finish: Thinner:
Matt Clean Drinkable Water
Flash Point:  Packing:
Not Applicable 0.91 and 3.64 Ltrs.
Curing Time: Clean-Up: 
3 days Clean equipment with water before curing.
Shelf Life:  
24 months approx (unopened, sealed & temperature-controlled location)  


Tropic Green (2-24-7)
Horizon Blue (1-34-7)
Apache (3-4-7)


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