Rainbow Wash Primer


Rainbow_Wash_PrimerRainbow Wash primer is a two pack (acid based) product for treatment of aluminum & galvanized surface for subsequent paintings.



Covering Capacity15 sq meter /Ltrs. Mixing Ration1:1 by volume Base paint and catalyst (Harder).
Pop Life8 hours after measure. Film Tickness: Must not exceed 8 micron (DFT).
Composition: Polyvinylbutyral Resin with Zinc Chromate and Phosphoric Acid. Flash Point: 73oF
Application: Spray

Drying Time: Touch Dry 10 minutes:

Finish​: Matt. Solvent / CleanerThinner 890
Packing: 4 Ltrs. Paint & 4 Ltrs. Hardener. Colour: Greenish yellow.
Shelf lifeThe pot life is 9-12 month Cleaner: Wash Primer Thinner 760



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